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A focus on the elements

Our programme uses the elements to help you recognise the focus of the workshops, classes and presentations.

  • Earth – rootedness and stability

    The element of earth is particularly powerful. Rootedness, stability and the connection to yourself are the focus here. Take responsibility for your own life.

  • Air – lightness and letting go

    Air is light and flexible. This element represents freedom and interaction with yourself and others. Learn to let go, communicate and experience what lightness feels like.

  • Spirituality – philosophy and purpose

    The belief in a higher being and meaning provides strength and offers space for peace and tranquillity. Discover the philosophy of yoga and take your new insights with you into everyday life.

  • Stone – strength and durability

    The element of stone represents strength and durability. Feel how strength and confidence can emerge from a stable, conscious pose.

  • Water – endurance and renewal

    Everything is in flux. Water is a symbol of endurance and renewal. Work on your perseverance and allow changes.